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Refund Policy

Thank you for choosing our service and purchasing our products on the website We offer a money-back guarantee in the amount equal to the cost of the purchased service if the paid service cannot be provided for technical reasons, or the purchased number does not work as described due to the provider’s fault. The number is considered non-working from the moment the client contacts the support service and once this fact is confirmed by the company representative. The refund claim is possible via client's personal request to and is reviewed by the company during 2 business days from the request received by the company. In the refund request please specify the account id, name of the service and the reason for the refund. Refund or funds recalculation will be done for a period not exceeding one month.

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Continent Telecom Ltd is the international VoIP services provider which offers virtual local phone numbers, IP PBX, call-centers organization in 90 countries. Continent Telecom provides VoIP telephony services for both wholesale and retail customers.
Since 2009 more than 25000 clients from 132 countries use our services. Continent Telecom employees treat attentively to each client and give an advice and assistance. Become our client and you'll appreciate the quality of our company services!
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