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One-use SMS Numbers Prices

Country Price, $
Australia Australia 10-20 Buy now
Austria Austria 3 Buy now
Brazil Brazil 2-3 Buy now
Cambodia Cambodia  1 Buy now
Canada Canada 3-5 Buy now
China China 1-5 Buy now
Cyprus Cyprus 5 Buy now
Czech Republic Czech Republic  5 Buy now
Estonia Estonia 0,5-3 Buy now
France France  2-15 Buy now
Germany Germany  5-10 Buy now
India India 1 Buy now
Indonesia Indonesia 1 Buy now
Israel Israel 3-5 Buy now
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 1-5 Buy now
Latvia Latvia 5-10 Buy now
Lithuania Lithuania 2-5 Buy now
Macau Macau 1 Buy now
Myanmar Myanmar 1 Buy now
Netherlands Netherlands 5 Buy now
Nigeria Nigeria  2-3 Buy now
Philippines Philippines  2-5 Buy now
Poland Poland  3-5 Buy now
Romania Romania 3-5 Buy now
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone  5 Buy now 
Spain Spain  2-5 Buy now
Sweden Sweden  8-15 Buy now 
Turkey Turkey  3-5 Buy now
United Arab Emirates UAE 5-7 Buy now
UK UK  3-15 Buy now
Ukraine Ukraine 1-5 Buy now
USA USA 2-5 Buy now
Country Price, $


Continent Telecom provides VoIP telephony services for both wholesale and retail customers. Since 2009 more than 25000 clients from 132 countries use our services. Continent Telecom employees treat attentively to each client and give an advice and assistance. Become our client and you'll appreciate the quality of our company services!
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