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Canada Phone Number

Expand your business, attract more customers and make international calls cheaper by using Canada phone number with call forwarding practically anywhere in the world. Continent Telecom provides Canadian phone numbers from all major cities. Your clients, partners, friends and family will dial your Canada phone number with low call rates in their location. You’ll receive incoming calls from them in the UK or any another country, on your home, office, mobile phone, SIP or IP PBX. Get Canada phone number now!

What is a Local Canada Phone Number and How It Works?

Local Canada number (also called DID – direct inward dialing number) is a phone number without directly associated phone line, it looks like a usual landline or mobile phone number. The incoming calls from local Canada number are forwarded to another telephone number which subscriber chooses: mobile or landline number, SIP, etc.
For example, you live in Canada and have a trip to Thailand. You buy a local Canada phone number and choose call forwarding to your mobile phone in Your Account at Continent Telecom. Your customers, partners, friends and family will call you this number with local Canadian rates and think that you are situated in Canada but you’ll receive calls in Thailand!
canada phone number
You can change call diverting way any time you need. Another example. Your company is situated in the USA and you would like to sell your products or services Canada. You get Canada phone number and forward calls to landline number in the USA. Customers from the USA will think that your company is located geographically in their country. Thus, clients amount will increase. The number allows to create a local presence without spending money on physical office. Get Canada number with call forwarding and expand your presence to Canadian market!
Continent Telecom also offers multichannel Canada telephone numbers. These numbers allow to receive several calls simultaneously and are very important element in successful activity of modern company. Get Canada phone number online!

Canada Phone Numbers Coverage

Continent Telecom provides both Canada mobile phone numbers (for calls and SMS) and Canadian landline numbers in:

  • Ontario (Ottawa, Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, London)
  • Quebec (Quebec City, Montreal, Thetford Mines)
  • Alberta (Edmonton, Calgary)
  • Manitoba (Winnipeg)
  • British Columbia (Vancouver)
  • Saskatchewan (Regina, Saskatoon)
  • Nova Scotia (Halifax)
  • New Brunswick
  • Yukon
  • Newfoundland

Local Canada Phone Number Pricing

Local Canada phone number price consists of:
  1. Set up fee (one time)
  2. Monthly fee
  3. Call forwarding fee (view prices if you forward calls to mobile or landline number), forwarding to SIP is free.
For example, you buy Canada phone number. Set up fee is 30$ (one time), monthly fee is 15$ and call forwarding price to USA landline number is 0,1$ per minute. If you forward calls to SIP it's free for you.

How to Get Canada Phone Number?

Choose one of the following ways to get Canada phone number:
  1. Send the request to:
  2. On the site using My Account
If you have any questions, please contact Technical Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay), PayPal, wire transfer, Webmoney, Perfect Money, bitcoins, Qiwi, Yandex Money, LiqPay, etc.

How Fast Will Canada Phone Number Be Activated?

Local Canada phone number will be activated almost immediately after payment

How to Make Calls from Canada Phone Number?

SIP account for outgoing calls is required. Please, write our managers to set it up:

How to Set Up Call Forwarding to SIP?

Please, choose call forwarding to phone in Your Account and specify «SIP/number@username» in the number field where «number» is your local Canada number in international format without "+". If you'd like to get our company as a provider, please look for your «username» in «Advanced settings» menu, SIP/IAX info page. If you use another SIP-provider, please specify the SIP_ID you've got from the provider as your «username». Then fill the «Call forwarding directions» with «SIP/». For example, «SIP/»

end faq

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