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Manchester Virtual Phone Number

Expand your business, attract more customers and make calls cheaper by using virtual Manchester phone number.
Virtual number is a phone number without directly associated phone line. It looks like a usual landline phone number. For example: +44 (161) XXX XXXX. The incoming calls from virtual number are forwarded to another mobile or landline number which subscriber chooses, SIP, Telegram, etc.
For example, you buy Manchester, UK virtual landline phone number in 0161 area code and choose call forwarding to your mobile phone in Your Account at Continent Telecom. Your customers, partners, friends and family will call this number with local Manchester rates and think that you are situated in Manchester, UK but you’ll receive calls in another city or country!
You can change call diverting way any time you need. Virtual number allows to create a local presence without spending money on physical office. Buy virtual Manchester phone number now!

Manchester Virtual Phone Number Allows To:

  • set up landline phone number in Manchester, England in 5 minutes!
  • save phone number after you change company address
  • conversation сonfidentiality
  • for ad campaigns
  • save money for international calls.
You can forward calls from your virtual Manchester telephone number to any number: landline in office and home, mobile phone, SIP, Telegram. You choose forwarding order directly on the site in Your Account.

Manchester Virtual Phone Number Pricing

Manchester virtual phone number price consists of:
- set up fee (one time) - 15 USD
- monthly fee - 10 USD
- call forwarding fee (view prices if you forward incoming calls to mobile or landline phone number), forwarding to SIP, Telegram is free.

How to Get a Manchester Virtual Phone Number?

You can send the request to: [email protected] or get a Manchester virtual phone number online:
  1. Select Voice in Your Account
  2. Сhoose UK from countries list
  3. Choose Manchester from cities list
  4. Specify call forwarding direction (to phone number, SIP or Telegram)
  5. Create an account and pay for number
If you have any questions, please contact Technical Support


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